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Health Rising Direct Primary Care

Welcome to Health Rising Direct Primary Care (DPC), where we redefine healthcare with a simple yet powerful concept: personalized medical care for everyone. Our mission is to provide members with comprehensive healthcare solutions tailored to their individual needs, without the complexities and limitations of traditional health insurance.

At Health Rising DPC, we prioritize accessibility and affordability. Unlike conventional healthcare models, we do not bill insurance companies or require copays. Instead, we offer a transparent monthly membership fee that covers all medical services, ensuring that our members receive the care they need without worrying about hidden costs.

Direct Primary Care is more than just a service; it's a movement towards a better healthcare experience. With Health Rising DPC, you gain access to:

  • Personalized Access: Your provider's personal cell number ensures that you can reach them for medical advice anytime, even after hours, on weekends, and holidays.

  • Extended Visits: Appointments are scheduled based on your health needs, allowing for thorough discussions and addressing all your concerns.

  • Prompt Scheduling: Most appointments are available within 48 hours of your call, ensuring timely access to care.

  • Unlimited Care: Enjoy unlimited visits, communication, and medical services as a member of Health Rising DPC.

  • Affordability: Our transparent monthly fee covers all medical care, eliminating copays, insurance hassles, and hidden fees.

Join us by embracing a new approach to healthcare that prioritizes your well-being. Discover why Direct Primary Care is the preferred option for delivering medical services. Click here to explore our pricing and become a member of Health Rising DPC today.

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