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Dr. Jordan Salmon, MD

Board Certified Family Doctor

Welcome to Health Rising Direct Primary Care, where compassionate healthcare intertwines with personalized attention. Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Dr. Jordan Salmon, a cornerstone of our practice, bringing a unique blend of expertise and empathy to every patient interaction.

As a family physician rooted in Humble, Texas, I bring forth years of experience coupled with an unwavering dedication to my patients' well-being. However, my journey to this point extends beyond mere professional achievements; it's a narrative of resilience and the transformative potential of health.

In 2020, I confronted my own health adversities, navigating through a mood disorder and grappling with obesity. Determined to reclaim my vitality, I embarked on a profound personal journey that not only reshaped my physique but also transformed my approach to medicine.

By delving into my own mental setbacks and crafting a personalized success plan through the Health Rising Pathway, I shed 65 pounds, unveiling newfound energy, confidence, and vigor. This transformative journey illuminated the deep interplay between lifestyle choices and overall well-being, profoundly shifting my perspective on healthcare. Through this experience, I witnessed firsthand the extraordinary potential within each patient to achieve what may seem insurmountable.

Armed with this profound insight, I founded Health Rising Direct Primary Care with a vision to redefine healthcare. My personal triumph and commitment to empowering patients infuse every aspect of our practice, inspiring individuals to embark on their own health journeys with courage and determination.

My journey to optimal health mirrors my dedication to my patients' well-being, ensuring that every individual who steps through our doors receives not only exceptional medical care but also unwavering support and encouragement.

I invite you to join us at Health Rising Direct Primary Care, where my team and I stand ready to guide you on your path to greater health and wellness.

Dr. Jordan Salmon provides personalized and quality medical services to his patients.
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