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Totality: Decide and Do!

In October 2023, a 90 percent eclipse graced the skies of Houston. I nearly missed it, until I donned those eclipse glasses and glimpsed at the sun. It was fascinating, albeit fleeting. Fast forward to April 2024, and Houston was in for a 94 percent eclipse—a slight upgrade. Yet, this time, I made a decision. I had heard murmurs about totality, the complete blackout, and it intrigued me enough to embark on a three-hour journey. Little did I know, that decision would unveil a profound lesson about commitment, both to witnessing celestial phenomena and to embracing a healthier lifestyle.

As the moon eclipsed the sun in complete totality, plunging the world into an eerie darkness, my arm hairs stood up on end. The temperature plummeted, a stark contrast to the typical warmth of a sunny day. The transition was abrupt, unlike any sunset I'd ever witnessed. And in that moment, amidst the darkness, a sense of awe washed over me. It wasn't just about what I saw; it was about a complete experience—the inexplicable magic of nature that defies explanation. A 90% eclipse was neat to see, but the total eclipse was an entirely different realm of experience.

Reflecting on that experience, I couldn't help but draw parallels to the journey toward better health. Often, when I counsel patients about improving their well-being, it feels like a routine checklist—losing a few pounds, eating healthier, quitting tobacco. Yet, beneath the surface lies a transformative journey, much like the unexpected revelations of totality.

I've made it a habit to ask my patients who've undergone significant health changes about the other gains they've noticed. Their responses never fail to amaze me—improved skin, boundless energy, newfound confidence, increased vitality, and deeper sleep, to name a few. It's not just about checking off boxes on a health plan; it's about unlocking a holistic experience that enriches every aspect of life.

So, I urge you to make a total commitment to your health, much like the difference between a 90% eclipse and totality. It's not about aiming for perfection but about embracing a mindset of daily dedication. Don’t simply allow your health goals to remain on a schedule or as wishful thoughts. Make them a reality day in and day out. If your goal is to exercise daily, don’t just talk about it or plan for it—make it happen every single day. The line between having exercised and not is distinct, and every effort counts towards a healthier you.

Committing to your health is akin to embarking on a journey toward totality—a journey filled with unexpected marvels and profound transformations. So, make that commitment, prioritize your well-being, and embrace the holistic rewards that come with it. Just as the eclipse unveiled a world of wonder beyond the visible, committing to health will open doors to a life brimming with vitality and fulfillment.

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