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Happy Patient Receiving Direct Primary Care Services

Experience the Future of Healthcare Today!
Healthcare that Fits Your Schedule.
Care Tailored Just for You.
Quality Care at an Affordable Price.

Join Now for a Healthier Tomorrow - Schedule a Free Consultation!


Benefits offered by Health Rising Direct Primary Care:

Online Medical Consultant providing telemedicine services
Accessible medical services are availabe through Health Rising Direct Primary Care
  • Direct Access to Your Physician Anytime-

    • 24/7 medical consultation ensures you always have support.

  • Same or Next-Day Appointments-

    • Get the care you need, when you need it, without long waits.

  • Unlimited Telemedicine and Virtual Consultations-

    • Flexible care options that fit your lifestyle.

  • In-Office Lab Draws During Appointments-

    • Save time with all your healthcare needs addressed in one visit.

Doctor and Patient connecting and improving health
Personalized Care plans are part of what is offered through Health Rising Direct Primary Care
  • A Personal Physician Who Knows You-

    • Receive care from a doctor familiar with your unique needs.

  • Extended Appointment Times-

    • Address your specific concerns without feeling rushed.

  • Individualized Care Plans-

    • Focused on achieving your personal health goals.

  • ​Direct Communication-

    • Personal interactions with your physician via calls, texts, or emails.

  • Ongoing Support-

    • Empowering you to manage your health effectively with continuous guidance.

Comprehensive Medical Services available through Direct Care Model
Comprehensive medical services are available through Health Rising Direct Primary Care

         -Your Membership Includes-

  • All-Inclusive Primary Care Services:

    • Receive comprehensive care for all your essential health needs without additional costs.

  • Annual Wellness Exams and Labs:

    • Stay proactive about your health with regular check-ups and no extra charges for routine labs.

  • Urgent Care Access:

    • Get immediate attention for acute issues with in-office procedures and necessary lab tests.

  • Holistic Health Options:

    • Benefit from services like acupuncture as part of your integrated healthcare plan.

  • Weight Loss Assistance:​​

    • Access to weight loss program and ​membership pricing on weight loss medications. Learn more here.

  • Explore Additional Services-

    • Discover more benefits included with your membership.

Save on healthcare costs through Direct Care Services
Transparent and Affordable medical services are offered through Health Rising Direct Primary Care
  • Transparent Pricing-

    • Clear, upfront costs with no hidden fees or copays.

  • No Insurance Hassles-

    • Simplified healthcare without the bureaucracy.

  • Cost-Effective Membership-

    • Comprehensive care at a fraction of traditional costs.

  • Discounted Labs and Imaging:

    • Access to affordable lab work and imaging.

The Road to improved health starts with Health Rising Direct Primary Care.
Discover the road to better health
Join Health Rising Direct Primary Care


Curious about Direct Primary Care (DPC) benefits but not quite ready to commit? Let us help! Schedule a complimentary consultation today to explore your options and discover if DPC is right for you. Fill out the form below, and we'll reach out shortly to arrange a convenient time. Take the first step towards personalized healthcare!


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